According to a report published yesterday by the Apple Watch sales have reached almost 7 million sales since its release back in April – working out at around 1.16 million sales per month.

The Apple Watch quickly became the world’s best-selling smartwatch, just days after pre-orders opened it had already outdone all the Android Wear watches from the previous year combined. The figure of 7 million unit sales according to the report is higher than the total of all competing smartwatch sales combined over the last five quarters, and not just Android Wear!

Just like in the smartphone realm, there is no doubt that Android Wear watches are the biggest rival to the Apple Watch, even if they are taking longer to find traction. With more Android Wear watches set for release before the year is out, including one from trendy fashion brand Fossil, and luxury watch makers Tag Heuer.

There are more Android smartphones in use than iPhones, so why isn’t the same happening with smartwatches? Maybe because the Android Wear fan club is spread thinner over a variety of brands, whereas Apple being strictly Apple means fans don’t deviate to other brands, in turn bolstering their loyalty over the years? Or maybe because the only smartwatch adverts I’m seeing on the TV are for the Apple Watch? Or maybe it’s just the classic case of Apple making the best products – reinforced by the release of watchOS 2 which has brought native apps and more features?

Whatever the reason, they are winning!