Proof by U.S-based Milo Sensors Inc is an alcohol sensing smart band that epitomizes the unhinged nature of the brain of a gadget inventor.

It looks a little bit like the Fossil Q Motion fitness tracker in its physical form, but this smart band is on a different mission. Instead of clocking your steps and calories torched, Proof reckons it can predict how p*ssed you’re gonna end up on a night out.

I can’t see this wearable featuring heavily in any college frat parties, in this age of epidemic binge drinking. But, its creators think it could be put to use for more gentle, professional occasions, such as wine tasting.

proof alcohol sensing smart band wearable technology

Jokes aside, this alcohol sensing smart band could potentially be practical and beneficial. It comes with a companion smartphone app that includes features such as telling you when you’ve reached your desired alcohol limit. It goes without saying that this feature might help prevent you from getting behind the wheel, when you shouldn’t.

Living inside the atypical wearable is a patent-pending, disposable cartridge which is apparently capable of converting perspired alcohol molecules into an electrical current – resulting in a specific (to you) alcohol level.

The disposable cartridge can track your alcohol consumption for around 12 hours. The smart band has a vibration feature and LEDs to let you know when your desired maximum blood alcohol concentration level is reached.

If the human race is moving into times when a machine tells us when we’ve had one drink too many, then so be it. For those of us that have experienced the privilege of making decisions for ourselves, it seems very weird, but for future generations, maybe it will just be the norm.

On the whole, I can verify that there’s a 99% chance that I will be absolutely sh*t faced by the end of the night, just the way I like it. However, with such a diversity of humans living on the planet with such an assortment of needs and demands, I reckon the Proof band will find its way onto people’s Christmas lists.

How much it will cost is anybody’s guess, and that also goes for the release date. You can find out more at